My Predator Performance at the 2017 Arnold Sports Festival

This was my second season as an IFBB Pro. After my third show, the Mr. Olympia in 2016 (my first Olympia), I proceeded to be invited to the prestigious Arnold Classic Fitness International in Columbus, Ohio.

I had thought about the next routine that I would put together after my first season. My routine was Jade from Mortal Kombat during my first competitive season, which you can see here. For a long time, I had my eyes set forth to pursue a Predator theme routine. In my mind, I thought it would be amazing to do an Arnold Schwarzenegger movie-themed routine and display it for the very first time at the Arnold Classic.

Low and behold, I had ironically come out first, which I felt somehow set the tone for the fitness division that night. It was a very surreal and pressuring feeling. Performing in the routine round is always a bit of a mental challenge, but I was eager to show the world what my new routine was. Here is the official footage of the routine at the 2017 Arnold Classic International where I ended up in 6th place!

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