My Photoshoot with Kai York

This was one of my favorite photoshoot to date! Kai York and I had tried to collaborate for quite some time before this shoot. It was absolutely incredible to finally be able to get the opportunity and time to do so. This was a different experience for me because I actually had a makeup/hair artist doing my glam! I ALWAYS do my own makeup and hair for pretty much everything. But, I trusted Kai and his magic and definitely the person he would put in charge to do my hair and makeup. As he said, it is nice to have someone else glam you up once in a while. And on top of that, if she made me look crazy then he would be ruining his own photos. Also, I had never been a person to want to shoot in a nude manner whatsoever. But Kai has a way of making nudity something beautiful and artistic versus sexual. While I can’t say these photos are not sensual, I believe that he truly makes art and magic with each and every one of his photos. Not just with mine, but with all his models and photos. When he sent me my unedited photos, choosing the best few photos was definitely one of the hardest I’ve ever had from any photoshoot!

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